Saturday, 26 July 2014

More courgettes

I'm giving them away many!  I swear they double in size overnight!  Going to freeze some today... Chop up, blanch then shove into freezer to add to soups etc in the winter. 
Potted on some more strawberry runners.  Cleared the pea bed and put cardboard down to stop weeds. Earthed up the celeriac. Picked courgettes, rhubarb, spring onion,  beetroot, some potatoes and a few raspberries. Loving the plot... Haven't bought veg for weeks.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Germinated already!

The turnips I sowed last week only took three days to germinate.  Went up the plot yesterday evening to water and the kohl rabi and spinach has also popped up.  At this rate when we're back from holiday we'll be eating it!

Yummy starter

I made the starter for a dinner party at the weekend for eleven..... Of course I had to impress with using something from the plot!  Here it is!  Candy stripe beetroot cut very thin into matchsticks, apple, watercress,  mint,  a lemony dressing and crumbled feta cheese.  Delicious!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Seeds to sow...

Started on the new plot today. Want to get it covered asap. Went to Halfords and picked up a few very large boxes! I love free stuff and recycling!

Where the annual spinach has finished on the veggie plot I sowed some seeds today. Kohl Rabi, Perpetual Spinach and Turnips. Something to eat later on in the season all being well. I hope Im not too late

Another plot!

Proud owner of a second plot directly opposite. Going to make in into a mini orchard...fruit trees & bushes. Very excited!

Here it is. Can you see the fruit cage at the back...not sure what the fruit is but I suspect some sort of red or black currant.

The plots gone mad....

After a lot of rain and warm weather the plots growing well.  Picked the last of the spinach.  Have frozen loads of it.  Also picked the peas. Jack shelled the lot.  Some on our dinner plates tonight then the rest frozen.  Dug up a few more potatoes and the rhubarb keeps on coming!  Cabbages ready and loads of courgettes!  Tonight I made courgette & bacon pasta.... Delicious.  The butternut squash plants are growing crazy. Broccoli not so good.  Picked a few pathetic looking heads.  Apparently they like really firm soil and not too much watering.

Roasted some candy stripe beetroot this weekend.  Lovely. 

Friday, 4 July 2014


I did pick a baby one earlier this week... A little early but today I picked three beauties!  Plus more lettuce and spring onions

Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Watering tonight and picked a lovely plump raspberry... Delicious. Lots more to come but must net asap!

Picked my first few peas straight from the pod.  Can't get fresher than that!

Plus pulled a few candy stripe beetroot.
(oh.... And more spinach! )

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Inundated with Spinach

Its been pretty busy at the plot these last couple of weeks. Lots of sunshine meant lots of watering to be done.  Evie has helped with that a lot... A great help.  A few days of heavy rain and the plots gone mad! Spinach is growing so quick I can't keep up!  I've frozen heaps of it,  given some away and cooked a few different recipes.  Spinach and feta filo pie was delish. Soup  and tomorrow night I'm making pots (home grown by the way! ) with chorizo and spinach! Can't wait....

I picked the first cabbage tonight plus dug up a few potatoes.  Oh....and just the one courgette too! I must remember to remove the male flowers.